Silage Trailer Acquisition Tips

Silage trailers are important accessories designed for use with forage wagons. Trailers are used to clear oat fields and fields of rounded hay bales among other silage products. When left in the field for extended periods of time, such silage products are exposed to the risk of moisture damage.

Because farmers have different needs, silage trailers are not the one-size-fits-all kind of product. Below are three things to remember when shopping for a Siwa silage wagon.

Consider The Number Of Silage Wagons And The Available Labour

Before choosing one silage trailer over the other, it is important for a farmer to think of the number of wagons or tractors that (s)he has and the size of the workforce.

Farmers who own several wagons and have a large-sized workforce can minimize the upfront cost of trailer acquisition by settling for traditional, self-unloading trailers.

The mentioned trailers make use of the tractor's forks to load bales of silage onto the trailer. Loading of silage bales is done from the rear until the cradle is filled to capacity.

Unloading silage from such a trailer is an almost effortless activity. Farmers are only required to pull the trailer's lever in order to rock the silage carried. This allows for the movement of silage bales from the trailer cradle under the influence of gravity.

Consider The Width of the Trailer Frame

The width of the trailer frame is also an important factor to consider when choosing between two or more silage trailers. Trailers with wider frames are often preferred for their increased carrying capacity.

In the ideal situation, the width of the trailer frame should correspond to the average width of silage bales that a farmer intends to carry. The right choice of trailer frame width reduces the need for frequent repairs to the silage trailer. For example, a farmer who uses a trailer whose frame is four feet wide to carry bales that are six feet wide on a regular basis exposes the trailer to rapid wear and tear. As a result, the trailer may end up spending more time at the repair shop than on the oat fields.

Single Vs Double Latched Trailers

The latching system in a silage trailer helps to hold bales of silage in place when the trailer is in motion.

Double-latch trailers are often preferred because they provide increased stability during bale transportation. This is because the two latches allow the weight of the bale to be distributed evenly across the trailer's cradle.


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