Your Guide to the Best Stock Feed for Dairy Cows

Producing first-class dairy requires taking great care of your cows. While great cattle care calls for lots of endeavours, finding the right stock feed makes a big difference. By learning more about the best stock feed for dairy cows, you give your cattle a stronger chance of thriving.

Stock feed that provides maximum yields for pregnant cows

One of the most productive times in a dairy cow's life is when she is pregnant. During the last trimester of their pregnancy, they'll burn a significant number of calories, especially if you're using them for dairy production. As such, you need to create a nutritional plan that prevents a calorie deficit.

Using a combination of carbohydrates and fats, you can top up your cows' calories and make them more productive. Maize and oats are both effective, and you may need to find Australian native grass seeds to meet their nutritional requirements.

Stock Feed that meets protein requirements during milk production

As your cows produce more milk, they secrete more protein. To ensure they remain healthy with each production cycle, it's important to top it up. While soluble proteins will move quickly through the cow's digestive system, degradable protein moves slowly. Before deciding which sources you will give to your animals and the volume they require, it's a good idea to ask a professional to calculate their crude protein requirements.

Stock feed that ensures your animals benefit from the right minerals and vitamins

Just like humans, cows need to meet certain mineral requirements to maximise their wellbeing. Sodium and calcium are especially important, but you'll also find that they need trace amounts of magnesium. An array of vitamins are also essential, especially Vitamins D and A. While D prevents rickets, A is excellent for maintaining their immune system.

Fortunately, addressing such minerals isn't as complex as finding out how much protein they need. Those who produce stock feed usually enrich their products accordingly, making it easy to nourish your dairy cows accordingly. Most feeds also contain the right number of vitamins, with the exception of D and A. Using forages such as alfalfa boosts Vitamin A, while time in the sun enhances Vitamin D.

Choosing the right type of stock feed

The stock feed market comes with plenty of options when it comes to dairy cows. While concentrates prioritise vitamins and energy, straights pay close attention to your cows' unique needs. If you require assistance with the different options available, it's always advisable to ask stock feed providers before purchasing anything.

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Producing first-class dairy requires taking great care of your cows. While great cattle care calls for lots of endeavours, finding the right stock fee