4 Reasons to Choose a Skid Steer 4-in-1 Bucket Loader

4-in-1 bucket loaders allow you to tackle a wide range of jobs with just one machine, including dumping, bulldozing, scooping, digging, and clamping. However, it can be tricky to choose between a skid steer 4-in-1 bucket loader or a compact track 4-in-1.

Both options can perform the same jobs and fit the same attachments, and both are built to be compact. However, skid steers have wheels while compact tracks have rubber or steel tracks, and that makes a difference. Each offers its own benefits and drawbacks, but here are just four reasons you should choose a skid steer 4-in-1 over a compact track.

1. Lower Cost

All 4-in-1 bucket loaders allow you to save money since you can use the same machine for a vast range of jobs, but those especially keen to save should consider a skid steer over a compact track. You'll usually find skid steers are less expensive to buy. Just as important, they're also cheaper to maintain. A new set of tires will cost significantly less than a new set of tracks, and undercarriage maintenance will be more of a concern with a compact track.

2. Higher Speed

Take test drives on both a skid steer and a compact track and you'll quickly notice that the former can move much faster. Since they are able to offer a few more mph, skid steers are ideal for those who regularly need to cover large distances between jobs or for those who simply spend a lot of time using their 4-in-1 loader. This is great for all users, but it's particularly beneficial for contractors since they will be able to complete work faster.

3. Greater Manoeuvrability

The greater speed of a skid steer 4-in-1 loader helps you cover ground faster, and they also offer superior manoeuvrability to make getting around both faster and easier. This benefit is down to the fact that skid steers can counter-rotate much easier than compact track loaders. This is why skid steers are particularly recommended if you expect to regularly work in tight or crowded spaces.

4. Superior Portability

A skid steer 4-in-1 loader will have a higher ground clearance than a compact track 4-in-1 loader, so you'll have an easier time getting one up a ramp onto a trailer. Additionally, skid steers tend to be significantly lighter than compact tracks. This means they are much easier to transport, which will be a major advantage if you'll be frequently moving between different jobs.

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4-in-1 bucket loaders allow you to tackle a wide range of jobs with just one machine, including dumping, bulldozing, scooping, digging, and clamping.

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