Top Factors to Contemplate When Erecting Fencing Around Your Livestock Farm

Constructing a sturdy fence around your livestock farm is very important. A strong fence will not only prevent livestock from straying out of the farm, but it will also keep intruders away. There are lots of things you will need to consider before you can embark on a fence construction project. Here is a look at a few top factors for consideration.

Type of livestock

The type of livestock that you rear can impact on design factors like how short or tall your fence will be. For instance, cattle is likely breach fencing designed for goats as they are stronger and taller. This means that you will have to use sturdier materials when installing a fence for cattle as compared to that for goats. If you are keeping pricey animals like horses, you should invest in even more sophisticated fencing products like electrical fencing, as the risk of intrusion by criminal minds is much higher.

Expected service life

For how long do you intend to cordon off the area where livestock is kept? For a few weeks or maybe a month as you prepare a permanent grazing area or do you want to erect a long-lasting fence once and for all? Well, temporary fences should be installed strong enough to keep your livestock within the restricted area but they should not be too expensive. If you are erecting a permanent fence, you will need to use materials such as steel that can withstand the harsh abuses of use for a reasonably long time, even if they come with a higher price tag.

Required skill

The well-erected fence should be tight and is supposed to remain that way for the entire duration of its expected lifespan. This depends a great deal on the expertise of the erector. Before you can begin the job, you should evaluate whether you have the experience required to erect the fence properly or you will require an expert to do it for you. If you are using traditional fencing materials such as wood posts and barbed wire, you might be able to do the job correctly by yourself. All you need to do is dig holes that are deep enough to keep the posts firmly held onto the ground and use a small hammer to nail the barbed wire onto the posts. However, if you are using more advanced fencing supplies such as electric fence systems, then a professional fence contractor with knowledge of electrical systems will be required.

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